Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Little sister is growing fast.  The boys call her jewels. Uncle isaac started it and it fits her. 

Month 5 was big for sister.  She started sitting and has gotten two teeth (so far!).  Yesterday, I saw her bunching her knees up will lying on the floor.  Looks like she may start scooting soon.  Both boys crawled at 7 mo.  That's not too far away.

She's so happy she can sit and play with toys now.

Somebody left some crayons out.  Took sister about 2 seconds to dump them all out.

Straight to the mouth.

Sister has some funny hair.

She's so dainty.

And like her brothers is very, very curious.  I've yet to have a low-maintenance, laid back child. Shep was close as a baby, but that ended rather quickly. She's very dramatic and always has a big smile for her daddy.

I think we'll keep her. She's pretty sweet. Love this girl.


Both boys are playing soccer.  They've enjoyed it and the games are highly entertaining. 

Conner has improved a lot since the season began.  He's finally getting a little more aggressive and scored a goal in their last game.  He mostly just runs around, but he's starting to get in there and kick the ball more.  

 Shep is funny during the games.  He becomes almost shy in those kinds of settings.  He did the same thing in swim lessons.  I think maybe it's the attention??  He gets aggressive in the wrong way and mostly wants to run around tackling people, usually his teammates, but he's learned a lot, too and enjoys it.

Practicing before the game.  Conner was trying to kick the ball in the goal and was taking forever lining everything up just right.  Shep got tired of waiting and just ran in and kicked it.

Reminding them which goal to kick it into. Good thing we have a girl on our team.  She's the only one who pays attention and the only one who really has any idea of what's going on.  Me: Conner, who won the game? Conner: Kyla won!!  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Conner throwing the ball in.  Usually at any given time someone on our team is on the ground pouting.

Nothing like a little gatorade.

Shep getting ready to kick it in.

Go Shep!

Conner trying to guard the ball, so he could kick it.  We've had to work on that one:)

Best part of the game...snack time!

I'm really a soccer Mom now.