Friday, April 13, 2012

What is your favorite?

The boys and I needed something to do, so we did a little survey after dinner.

What is your favorite.....

color? C: black S:blue

toy? C: cars and my bike S:trains and blocks

fruit? strawberries and tomatoes S: blueberries and grapes

TV show? football (that's my boy!) and golf S: basketball

movie? C: Trucks, Trucks, Trucks S: Mater's Tall Tales

lunch? C: peanut butter and jelly S: Cheese

clothes? C: gym shorts and t-shirts (and he's only 4. I have a feeling this will be our wardrobe for awhile) S: Super-man outfit

game? C: chutes and ladders S: Candyland

snack? C: fruit snacks S: suckers

animal? C: cats and deer S: dogs and cats

song? C: This Breaks My Heart of Stone, In Christ Alone and Jingle Bells S: Jesus Loves Me and Come Thou Fount (We like to sing. They each get to pick two songs at bedtime)

book? Cars, Trucks and Things that Go S: Star Wars books

friend? Xavier (from school) S: Judah

cereal? Chocolate Cheerios S: Central Market Peanut Butter Balls

thing to do outside? Ride bikes!! S: Playing cars

thing to take to bed with you? Stuffed animals S: purple puppy

thing about our family? our baby S: daddy

What do you want to do when you grow up? hunt S: SUV driver

bible story? C: Moses and the burning bush S: the ten plagues

What makes you laugh? jokes S: when people make silly faces

They loved doing this and wanted more questions!

Monday, April 9, 2012

egg hunt!

After decorating eggs, we had a little egg hunt. The boys had been looking forward to this for quite awhile. A few weeks back we picked out some baskets and eggs at the dollar tree. Conner picked a basketball egg basket and Shep a soccer basket.

And...they'!! Racing to the spot where Dad hid the loot.

Shep actually was a better egg hunter. Conner raced around too much and missed most the eggs.

Love this shot of my big boy!

A friend walked by and offered to take a family picture. Yay! Our next family picture will have five people in it.

Shep counting his eggs.

We officially have enough candy to last for a year. We still had stuff leftover from Valentine's Day. Good thing Shep has a birthday in a couple weeks. He's requested a pinata and what a convenient way to make most of our candy disappear!

Happy Easter from the Stanton family!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

saturday morning fun, part 1

Enjoyed a fun morning with Daddy decorating Easter eggs. This was our first year to attempt it. Last year, they probably would have broken all the eggs. We had a few close calls, but no broken eggs or spilled dye.

Conner ran into our room this morning exclaiming, "It's 7:04!! Time to decorate eggs!!" It's like he was expecting us to just bound out of bed with all his energy and enthusiasm and couldn't understand why we weren't quite as ready as him to get up.

So excited to start.

Saw somewhere to try using a whisk for decorating. What a great idea.

Holding up a finished product.

Decorating the eggs with stickers.

So fun! I think they turned out pretty good.

Coming soon: Part 2, the egg hunt

Friday, April 6, 2012

swimming and popsicles

Swimming + popsicles = very happy little boys! So excited it's already time to hit the pool. Definitely, one of the best perks of apartment living.

Love all the shades of blue in this picture.

Can life get much better?

Well, yes it can. Popsicles anyone?

Having fun in the sun with my boys!

In other news, 9 more days until the big due date:)