Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Family Night!

Last night was fall family night. We hadn't had a family night in awhile, so the boys were excited. We also got to enjoy some fall weather yesterday and that made it even better! The boys and I kicked the festivities off by making some fall cupcakes. We set guidelines ahead of time or projects like that tend to become a free for all.

They took turns pretty well!

Stirring together.

Conner's cupcake creation.

Our first pumpkin carving experience. The boys looked at jack-o-lantern pictures on-line and picked a kitty-cat. Shep helping scoup out all the pumpkin seeds.

Thanks, Daddy!

I asked Shep what we should name the kitty and he said, "Jack". Guess he was thinking jack-o-lantern maybe?

We finished the night with pizza and an old Charlie Brown movie. The boys got to bed little later than usual and you'd think they would have slept in a bit. No such luck. Both boys were up by 6:30 this morning:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Festival

We attended our first fall festival at Conner's school Thursday. They had lots of fun activities and the boys loved it!

Checking out the petting zoo. Buzz got to hold a baby bunny!

Woody picked the baby chick.

Shep in action. That kid will jump off anything.

Conner is a little more cautious.

Riding on the little train.

At fall festivals in Texas we can have sno cones:p

More sugar! Yay!! Decorating cookies.

Conner playing one of the various games they had set up in the class rooms. Sizing up the various types of squash.

Today we get to enjoy some fall weather...woohoo!! Family fun fall night tonight. Love this time of year and that my husband can come home a little earlier than usual.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning at the Pond

The boys and I headed down to the pond behind Central Market this morning. We went a couple weeks ago and they really wanted to go back and try to catch some minnows.

Managed to actually get clothes other than pajamas on Shep, but didn't get the yogurt off his face.

No luck...minnows are fast!

Brother shot.

Exploring around the pond.

Great rocks to climb and jump off.

Shep is fishing with a reed.

See this? Conner is getting very good at writing his name! He's been able to spell it since he was 2, but hadn't quite been able to write it.

The boys have been better lately. I really feel like I can say we have more good days, than bad days. So grateful and enjoying this time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's amazing

It's amazing how fast things can deteriorate. Especially, around dinner time. Any one relate? After recounting the events to Zack he said, "You have to blog this."

It all started with Shep "accidentally" spilling his milk all over the floor and Conner saying he was too busy to eat dinner. He decided to sweep the floor. Shep comes into the kitchen I'm trying to pull food out of the oven and to announce his spill. I quickly say, "Conner don't sweep the milk" Any Mom of a little boy will know that that is automatically would they would do. I turn around to see Conner sweeping the milk everywhere with a broom. Ask Conner to go to his room. Clean up all the milk.

While I'm disciplining Conner, I leave Shep at the table eating his salmon and brown rice. Upon coming back out I see Shep standing next to his chair eating rice that had fallen on the chair. The rice was in a puddle. Yes, the puddle was pee. Talk to Shep, clean up the puddle on the chair and the floor.

We've been having a huge ant problem since it hasn't rained in so many months. As I am opening the oven to check the zucchini, I notice I left a plastic ant trap filled with liquid poison sitting on the stove. Without thinking I lift it up to toss it in the trash, but it is practically melted and spills into the oven. I didn't think any got on the veggies, but not taking that chance. Now I need to figure out how to clean ant poison from my stove.

All that happened in a span of about 15 minutes. Just think, in April will add a newborn to this crazy mix:)