Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hi friends!

I just wanted to update you all on what is going on with the traveling Stantons. We're leaving Austin on Sunday and I may not be coming back. At this point there are no job opportunities for Zack in Austin, so we've had to begin looking elsewhere. We have been exploring some options in Nashville. Zack has been contacting people and has some connections out there. One of his brothers and his wife are also in Nashville and he knows some people in the music world, as well. Since Zack has not been able to land any sort of teaching job, he has been looking into orchestrating and arranging, which is a huge industry in Nashville. Zack is heading to Nashville next week to meet with some people and see if it might work for us. He's going to apply for non-music jobs, as well, just so we could have some steady income. There is a very strong possibility we will move to Nashville. We are excited at the possibility, but very over-whelmed at the long road still ahead of us. Moving there would be a start, but there is no job there right now. We would covet your prayers for direction and that God would open this door, if it's his will. If it doesn't look like Nashville is feasible at this point in time, we really have no idea what to do next.

It all feels very abrupt. I knew we might leave, but I was not really prepared that this might be our last week in Austin. You name the emotion, I'm probably feeling it right now:)  Trying to be thankful for this opportunity to trust God and His plan, but today has been a hard day.  Hope I can see a few of you before we head out!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

friday fun

We had quite a bit of pool time this week.  House sitting has it's perk, especially when they have a pool. Annie and Meg came over for a swim and picnic.  

The boys discovered the outdoor pool shower.  It was quite a hit.  My boys love their shower these days and what can beat a shower that's outside!


He was pretending to be some kind of speed boat transformer.

In the last week or two, Julia has discovered her hands.  She loves to look at them and eat them.

That's Shep under there.  He stayed under there a good 5 minutes.  I thought maybe he'd fallen asleep or something.  He informed me on coming out, that he had been playing hide and seek with himself. I asked him if he had won and he replied, "Nope."

Friday night we made 'kabobs!  The boys were all over the place into everything, so I decided to enlist their help to make their own 'kabob.

Oh, look, Shep's making a crazy face.

Yummy!  Shep made his and then immediately tried to eat it.  Umm...we need to cook it first.

Miraculously, no one picked the stick into their finger.

The yard sprinklers came on while we were grilling.  Shep could not resist.

Trying out the saucer swing.

I'm sure going to miss having a yard when we go back to apartment living.  It sure has been a treat.

Her cute faces are endless:)

We were celebrating because Zack officially finished his dissertation.  He presented two movements for his defense, but still have to write the third.  It took a little longer than he had hoped ( I can't understand why, we've only just had a baby and lived in 3 different houses:), but it's DONE!  He wrote a piano concerto with wind ensemble, which will be performed in VA in October!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I like having a four year old.  It's fun to do big kid things, like VBS.  Our church doesn't have VBS, yet, so I found a program at a different church.  He was excited to go and meet new friends.  I love how fast kids make friends.  Here is a picture from "Crazy hair day"

Today was pajama day.  Shep and I had bible study this morning and I let him wear his pajamas, so he could feel like he was apart of things.  We've enjoyed our time together, but I know he wishes he could have gone, too.  Sometimes, it's hard to be the little brother.

Tonight was a special family night, so the parents could see all the kid's were learning.  Conner was so proud to show us his class area, where he eats snacks, plays games, etc.  They sang all their little songs.

There were even some bounce houses and sno cones!

                                                        Why, here's a pretty little lady.

                                                        She likes to stick her tongue out.

twister anyone?

The boys have thoroughly enjoyed all this house sitting and discovering new toys.  We played Twister for the first time and they loved it. Falling over was their favorite part and the game ended in a wrestling match, but hey, that's little boys for ya.

Another fun game.

Conner loves to do puzzles and he is obsessed with learning the 50 states, so what could be better than a United States puzzle.

He did this all by himself.  He has learned the position of the different states from maps and from a kid's puzzle.  I was pretty impressed!

I always loved learning about the states and looking at maps.  It's fun to see your kid's interested in things you love!  The boys have definitely both inherited our love of travel and going new places.  Glad they like adventure. 

Today, after being out a little bit, I said, "Boys, it's time to go home!"  Shep said, "What home are we going to today?" I've been glad to see how well they have adjusted to our crazy summer of moving around. They've enjoyed it and helped me to enjoy it, too.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Grateful for the peace I have that God is working in our situation, even though I can't see it.  Grateful for this opportunity to trust Him.  Grateful for what he's doing, most importantly, in our hearts.  He's teaching us patience, trust, humility, perseverance, and thankfulness, just to name a few things.

For those of you who are praying, we still have no answers yet.  Our situation is pretty much the same. We're living out of suitcases and waiting to see what God's doing.  No job yet.  As hard as it's been not having our own home, so grateful for all the beautiful places we've called home the past few weeks. We're continuing to explore many different job options right now.  Thanks for all the prayers, friends!

This has been my prayer, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." Romans 15:13