Sunday, August 21, 2011


Lots of changes and updates going on around here. First of all, Shep potty-trained, gave up his pacifier and here's the tough one, gave up his nap, all in the same week. I'm a little shell-shocked about the last one. He's only 2 yrs 3 mo. Conner gave up his nap around 2 1/2, so I hoped I would have a few more months. So, now the fun part...getting him to realize Mom is quite serious that he stay in his room for an hour everyday. Here's a picture to give you an idea of how it's going. He set several of his stuffed animals outside his door and is pretending to touch the floor.

Now the big one. Zack has started applying for jobs!! We've almost made it!! I'm so excited to see where we will end up. Pray that more jobs will open up and that he'll get one! I also want to brag on some of the upcoming performances he has. Someone he met at the music festival in Maine is going to perform his new piano piece at UNC next month and in Feb his band piece will be performed at Texas Tech. Then in June the orchestrated version of Triple Venti Latte will be premiered by the Austin Symphony. I'm so proud of how hard he has worked and so excited to see what the future hold.

Cute story: Saturday morning Conner was playing around on our electric piano. He discovered the setting that plays pre-recorded pieces. There is one particular jazzy one he likes. He announced, "Let's have a band!" Mommy, you can play the kazoo. Shep will play the tambourine and Daddy will play the banjo!" I asked him what we were called and he replied, "The Seagulls" So we jammed for awhile. It was pretty cute. Conner was smiling from ear to ear. Here's Shep, being Shep.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Portrait Session

Here are a few pictures from the the portrait session we had with Diana Mino. She got some great shots! With little boys, every shot is definitely an action shot.

Conner posing in Zack's hat. Love this one!

Headed outside for some dump truck shots.

Thanks, Diana!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite part of traveling

One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying all the local foods. There really is no better way to really experience a place.

I was in Maine during blueberry season. I love blueberries and they have the real deal in Maine. The blueberries are small, wild and full flavor. Some amazing blueberry pie.

Some wild blueberries we picked in Acadia.

Of course, the main food you have to try in Maine is lobster. The lobster bisque and lobster stew was amazing and the best thing was that it was actually cool enough to eat soup. (in July!!)

We stopped at a Lobster Pound on the way home from Bar Harbor. Here is Zack ready to commence at his first lobster.

I wasn't quite ready, so I had a lobster roll. Did you know the hot buns in Maine are different? They look like the bread in my lobster roll. Basically, a piece of white bread, folded in half.

There were ice cream parlors everywhere, which I thought was strange, since it doesn't get very hot there. I decided ice cream parlors are to the northeast, what taco stands are to Texas. This little place was amazing. It looked like it was straight out of the 1950's, complete with a mini-golf course. That's one of the things I love about the north's so quaint.

So glad I could visit Zack for a few days and so, SO glad he's back now. Yesterday Shep said, "Daddy's home now. He's not at school anymore. I can talk to him."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traveling and 4 More Days

Yep, only 4 more days until Zack comes home! I had the opportunity to visit Zack for 4 days, while the boys went to AR. I'll try to post about the trip soon, but first are some pictures from Houston. The boys and I visited my brother last week-end.

On our way to the Aquarium. We parked by Daniel's office, so we could take the little metro train. Conner was beyond excited. It has been his dream to ride on a metro train ever since he saw the Curious George where he rides on a subway.


More silly faces

Sunday we went to Galveston for the day. The boys had a blast. Shep hadn't been crazy about the beach when we were in Florida, but two-and-a-half months made a big difference for him. He wasn't afraid at all this time! Wish we lived close enough to make it a day trip...just a little too far.

Jessica drove down from Dallas to see the boys!

I totally forgot to bring any pails or shovels. Shep improvised with a sea shell.

Texas beaches definitely aren't like Florida beaches, but it was nice.

I wasn't crazy about how muddy it was. The boys got filthy!

Hello, August. Actual temperature yesterday (and today, too). I'm wondering if it will get worse. Glad we have a nice pool, freezer pops, a blockbuster and a library near by=)