Saturday, March 31, 2012

getting ready

This morning Conner and I had this conversation-

Conner: What day is it today? Me: It's Saturday. Conner: Tomorrow is Sunday and tomorrow it is April!! Me: What happens in April? Conner: The baby comes!! WE made it to April!! It took me awhile to explain to him the baby could come anytime the next 2-3 wks. He was quite determined that the baby would be born tomorrow after church, since, of course, tomorrow is April.

We packed the baby's hospital bag today. Then we practiced putting some diapers on their stuffed animals.

Putting a diaper on his moose.


Shep trying it out.

We talked about how Mommy would feed the baby. Conner said, "I'm going to nurse the baby." I told him only Mommy's have milk and he said, "Well, I'm going to try."

We talked about different things we would do to take care of the baby. Conner told me, "I would never jump off the dresser if I was holding the baby." Hmmmm...

They lasted about 5-10 min before things got silly and they were throwing their "babies" all over the room.

This afternoon we made big brother t-shirts. Shep was proud to help and said, "I like my bid brudder shirt."

I let the pick everything out themselves, so the shirts aren't exactly what I would have done, but they enjoyed it.

The boys are excited to be big brothers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here are some pictures of life lately.

This one is actually from a few weeks ago, but I never posted it. Here's Shep practicing being a big brother. Looks like a pro to me!

The boys look forward to going to Book People the 3rd Tuesday of each month for silly song story time.

Last Friday we spent the entire morning at a nearby park. We hadn't been to this particular park in quite awhile, so the boys had a blast. Here's Conner pretending to swing across a swamp on vines. He did it all by himself.

Sailing a paper boat we made.

Water gun fight on the porch.

We caught a caterpillar and made a home for it in a jar. Shep said, "Can it be our pet?? Can we name it??" It's name has changed several times. First it was Annie, then Fuzzy and finally Buddy. It lives on the boys' night stand and every morning I hear them say, "Good morning, caterpillar." I'm all for no maintenance pets.

We search on-line and figured out we have an Eastern Tent caterpillar. It will become a moth. We'll see if it lasts that long. We had to talk about not shaking the jar or tipping it upside down.

Tired and ready for baby to come...18 more days

Friday, March 16, 2012

30 days

Just 30 more days until baby is due. I think it's finally starting to hit me how soon that is. There has just been so much on our minds lately, like, finding a job and where we're going to live.

We got to peek in on baby yesterday morning. He/she was incredibly active the entire time. This baby not only moves a lot, but is very responsive to things on the outside. Baby is on the small size, weighing around 5 lbs 7 oz, but everything looks great. We're so thankful.

I didn't know if we'd be able to see the baby's face or not, but it wiggled around so much we were able to catch a glimpse. The boys enjoyed seeing the baby open and close it's eyes. The ultrasound tech said, "Looks like this one has your second son's little round chubby and nose." Awww....I told Shep and I think he got embarrassed:)

I made a list of some things I need to do in the next couple weeks to get ready. Washed all the neutral baby clothes last week. It was fun to fold all the tiny little outfits. I love folding baby clothes.

Appointments every week now. It will be here before you know it. No name yet. A few ideas, but I think this one will be named in the hospital. That's what happens when you are indecisive and pretty much freaked out picking a name for your child and your husband's "baby" (dissertation) is due 3 days before the baby #3.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a hiking we will go!

We went for our first hike this morning. Since this week is technically spring break, I wanted us to do something all together. Daddy took the morning off and we went to Wild Basin near our home. When I told Conner the name of the park he said, "Do they have pigs there?" He thought I said "wild bacon".

Conner is obsessed with directions, so he was our map guy. He pretty much memorized the map and drew his own when we got home.

As we started hiking Shep exclaimed, "Woot (look) at the spooty (spooky) jungle, Tonner." Conner replied, "It's not a jungle, it's a forest, silly."

The boys. Shep is still wearing his fire hat from the birthday party last Saturday and he's making a silly face, as usual.

We had to cross a stream. How cool is that?

He was actually being silly and didn't fall in, but I thought this shot was great.

Got to do a little climbing. Conner was wearing a mater ring. He slipped a little on his way down and said, "Woah, my ring made me slip a little!"

Shep's stick gun. He was shooting monsters, bugs and animals, of course.

Once again, so glad to have come after rain. There was actually a little waterfall!! Still more evidence that there are pretty places in Texas.

They did real well. We hiked about 2 hrs. Conner didn't want to leave, but Shep's little legs were worn out. Conner said, "I don't want to leave. I want to stay here forever!!!" I'd say the trip was a success!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bull creek

Took the boys to Bull Creek this morning. It's right by our house, but we've never been before. I feel like the boys are finally the age where we can do stuff like this.

It was quite beautiful and peaceful. Glad we went now when there is actually some water! I'm sure it dries up pretty quickly.

Man, little boys are just plain silly.

And they're off...

Time to explore!

There was a small water fall from the rain we had last week-end. The boys enjoyed throwing sticks and bark in the water and watching it wash away.

We never go anywhere with cars and trucks. They discovered a little sandy spot perfect for cars. When we came home it was straight to the shower for these boys!

Working on a project.

All the way home Conner kept saying, "Wasn't that so much fun?? I'm so glad we found that place!" So glad we can have these memories together.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

fire station 43

Oh, look, the many faces of superman. It's superman the construction worker.

This afternoon we went to a fire truck birthday party. Our friend Finley turned 3! After playing a party game and having some yummy cupcakes, we headed over to the firehouse for a tour. I made the mistake of telling the boys about the party a couple weeks ago and Shep asked almost every day, "Is TODAY Finley's party??"

Getting to hold one of the hoses.

We even got to see the EMS truck head out on a call.

Conner trying out the driver's seat.

Shep told us at dinner tonight he's decided to be a fireman when he grows up.

What a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today was Western Day at Conner's school! They even brought in some ponies to ride. Shep and I stayed to watch the pony ride and he got to ride, too. He's always so excited when he can be apart of school activities.

Never one to follow the status quo, Shep elected to wear his super man outfit.

He was actually quite timid and quiet around the pony, barely saying a word, which is totally not like him. I think he was quite in awe being that close to a real pony.

My excited cowboy ready to ride!

Conner enjoyed showing us around the playground and demonstrating all his favorite things to do out there.

Shep and I got baby's car seat this morning!! We are officially set to welcome "him" home:)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

kite festival 2012

After church on Sunday we headed over to the annual kite festival at Zilker. The boys had been looking forward to it for quite awhile. It was a beautiful day. Should have brought some sunscreen, though.

There are usually over 20,000 people there, so we left the main area to find a place the boys could run and fly their kites.

This picture kind of sums up Shep's day. He was having a bad day. Then his kite got stuck in a tree. Daddy save the day and rescued it.

Cute shot

Trying to cheer up my grumpy boy.

Conner waiting for his kite to be rescued. They kept Daddy busy.

So fun to be with my family.