Friday, March 25, 2011

He said it!

It's time for a Conner post! I've got some good ones for you.

While I was preparing the boys' lunch I overheard them talking about teeth. I joined in. We talked about how many teeth they had etc. Conner then said, "Shep has a lot of teeth and his teeth are SHARP." Hmmmm...I wonder how he knows that.

Conner and I were playing soccer and discussing our team names. Me: Conner, my team is the rockets. What's your team? Conner: My team is the J. "Cruisers" Can you guess where that name came from?

While driving by the Ferrari Dealership- Conner: Mom, your car is old. (He actually comments about how old my car is quite frequently and has offered to buy me a new one) Me: I know. Conner: You need to buy a new one. I KNOW!! Next time we get a car, we can get a Ferrari. You can put my car seat in the back and we can zoom around time!!" Me: I doubt people with Ferrari's put car seats in the back.

The boys were playing very sweetly one morning. Me: Conner, I am so proud of you! You are sharing so nicely and be such a kind big brother. You are setting Shep such a good example etc... Conner: What are you going to give me??

I've been attempting to exercise during part of Conner's rest time. He loves to watch and continually tells me that I should be on the movie, too. That's real sweet of him.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Afternoon Fun

Zack's been in AR this week-end, so the boys and I were looking for some fun ways to pass the time. I found an 2 year old bag of coffee in the back of the pantry and it kept them occupied for an hour. So much to do with coffee.

We measured and guessed which piles were the biggest.

Conner was making coffee hot chocolate muffins.

My beautiful boy.


Shep loved pouring the beans back and forth between bowls. (And yes, Shep, as I suspected, ate several beans. At least it was decaf=)

Time for a little digging and loading.

Not only did the boys love it, but now the porch smells amazing...haha!
Looking forward to seeing our Daddy tomorrow night!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kite Festival

Beautiful day in the ATX!

Me and my boys.

How to fly a kite:
Step 1. Get untangled from the string.

Step 2: Throw the kite in the air, as hard as you can.

Trying out McQueen.

Then Daddy joined us!


Enjoying the kites (and the sno cone=)

Definitely, the best part of the festival. Conner is already talking about going back next year. Today, he built the Austin skyline with his blocks and then he had all his cars drive to the kite festival.

What a fun morning!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do you love your brother?

The boys were having a spat this morning over a toy. I tried to stop and use it as a teaching moment. It went something like this.

Conner (being very dramatic as usual): "Shep hit me!!"

Me: Where you letting him have a turn?"

Conner: "No
After addressing Shep about the hitting, we continued our discussion.

Me: "Conner, it was wrong for Shep to hit you, but it was also wrong for you to not let him have a turn. You were both being selfish. We need to love each other more than the toy. Conner, do you love Shep?"

Conner: "Yes, I love him."

Turning to Shep who had been mostly quiet the whole time:

Me: "Shep, do you love Conner."

Shep: "Nope, I don't."

Looks like we have a lot to work on still=)