Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love it!

Conner is quickly approaching his 3rd birthday. I can already tell you that I think this will be my favorite age yet! He has changed so much the past few weeks. I love it! We survived the "terrible" two's!! I know there will be new challenges as we go through year three, but he is becoming such a sweet boy. I just enjoy being around him, spending time with him.

Just as Conner is leaving the two's, Shep is entering. Eighteen months to about 2 1/2 yrs is just plain hard! Conner was independent,but in some ways I think Shep is more so, probably because he has an older brother. As I type this he's trying to climb up into the recliner, while saying, "NO help!!" He has to climb into his car seat by himself (that takes awhile, so we have to allow some extra time when trying to go somewhere=) and climb into his high chair etc. Every age has it's joys, but I'm glad they don't stay 18 months forever!!

Here are a few cute Conner quotes, so I don't forget.

Conner was using masculine pronouns to talk about something I was doing. Me: "Conner, I'm a girl." Conner: "No, Mom. Actually, your not a girl. Your a Mom."

Conner ran into his Sunday school class last week exclaiming, "I'M BACK!!" hehe

This morning I heard Conner talking softly in his room. He is FINALLY waiting quietly in his room until I come to get him in the morning. As I came in he said, "I'm just talking about the donut store and ice cream store and how I like chocolate." Yesterday, I woke up to hearing Conner singing the ABC's in his bed. It was so precious.

Conner likes to teach Shep what things are and how to same them. It's hilarious. He will pronounce the object very slowly and deliberately to help him.

He loves it when our whole family is together. He'll always say, "The whole family is together!" The boys and I were eating lunch. Conner: "The whole family is eating- Conner, Mommy and Sheppie. Daddy would be so happy to be with us!"

My little boys is becoming so sweet and fun. He likes to make up songs and sing them. He's started naming some of his toys. I love 3 year olds!

EDIT: Forgot these

Conner has started coming up with excuses for things. Last night he kept saying, "I can't eat it. It's going to make me gag!!" Sometimes when I ask him to do something he'll say, "That's too dangerous for me!!"=P

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting Fun

I found some little paint kits in the Target dollar bins. Conner loves to paint. I saved them for an afternoon when we desperately needed something fun to do=) Shep has never painted, so he was very excited. I explained that the animals were ceramic, so they would break if dropped. Shep didn't quite get it. He was much more excited about the paint part and promptly discarded his giraffe on the ground giving it a skull fracture. Fortunately, it was salvageable.

Conner very carefully painted his lion.

Shep very carefully painted his giraffe and his fingers...

I ran inside for something and this is what I saw when I came back out.

Guess he decided to sneak a taste or maybe he wanted to be Joker.

Conner was so cute and serious. Best two dollars I've spent in awhile! It kept them occupied for thirty minutes and anyone with little ones knows how long afternoons can get!=)