Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Little sister is growing fast.  The boys call her jewels. Uncle isaac started it and it fits her. 

Month 5 was big for sister.  She started sitting and has gotten two teeth (so far!).  Yesterday, I saw her bunching her knees up will lying on the floor.  Looks like she may start scooting soon.  Both boys crawled at 7 mo.  That's not too far away.

She's so happy she can sit and play with toys now.

Somebody left some crayons out.  Took sister about 2 seconds to dump them all out.

Straight to the mouth.

Sister has some funny hair.

She's so dainty.

And like her brothers is very, very curious.  I've yet to have a low-maintenance, laid back child. Shep was close as a baby, but that ended rather quickly. She's very dramatic and always has a big smile for her daddy.

I think we'll keep her. She's pretty sweet. Love this girl.

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