Saturday, November 3, 2012

peek into our home

We lived in an apartment for 5 years and it definitely has its perks, but we have enjoyed having a home, with a yard these past few months!  Our home is on the corner between a dead-end and a cul-de-sac, so very low traffic.  There is a small playground down the street and lots of children.  I miss Austin, but this neighborhood is a good fit for our family right now.

Here is a peek into our home.  It has 3 bedrooms (one of which is Zack's office), 2 1/2 bath rooms and living rooms in both the upstairs and downstairs.  We are loving the space.  Our apartment would have fit in the upstairs of this house.

Fall decor on the mantle.  Excited to have somewhere to hang the stockings for Christmas.  

Part of living area. The fire place does work, so I'm hoping we can have a fire sometime this winter! It is much colder here.  We have already had several nights below freezing and it's only November 3rd!

Trying my hand at picture displays.  I know what I like, but putting my decorating ideas into a reality is a completely different matter.

There are two rooms on either side of the entry way, but it's all open.  We have our kitchen table on one side.  This is the other side.  Conner's school desk was my Mom's from when she was little.  At some point we will refinish the top and get a little chair that matches better.  Love this desk.

The laundry room is upstairs off the living area.  Love the convenience of this.

The boys call the upstairs area the "kid living room".  Here is their reading corner.  So excited about the awesome big map we found at Office Depot.

Growth chart from a local children's store at my home town.

Master bedroom.  This house as so much more natural light.  We through our comforter away because after 3 babies, it was in rough shape.  Just using a full-size one I had.  Love the colors, just a bit small. Hope to get a new one someday, in the same style.  Shopping for a new lamp.  Any style ideas or places to look?

Living area, looking into the kitchen.  The door there is the half bath.  The kitchen has a breakfast nook area and I'd love a small table there someday and also some bar stools.  There is so much cabinet space and a nice big stainless steel fridge!!

One cabinet just for coffee mugs.  Love my coffee nook:)

The boys room is definitely a work in progress.  They have bunk beds now, but bedding is pretty far down the list. And then Shep broke their lamp.  Life with boys.  Pictures of J's little closet room coming soon!  


  1. I am in LOVE with ya'll's new house - I can't wait to have our own house! I love ya'lls front porch, it's so cute. Are ya'll renting or did you buy?

    1. Thanks, Anna! Hope you can have a house soon, too. We're renting. After being in school for 5 yrs we have zero savings. It will be many, many years before we can buy anything. The boys are loving the space. Our apartment would have fit in the top floor

  2. Love your new home! It's beautiful.